Human Capital Development

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Human Capital Development

We collaborate closely with organizations in unfolding the value potential through capability building, coaching and advisory.

We offer executive coaching and advisory services to the leadership and teams on how to influence stakeholders and create an impact as business partners as well as how to nurture and drive growth and development.

Organizational Design and Development – Laying a solid foundation for the organization

We work with our clients to ensure a solid human capital management structure is in place by aligning the policies and governance frameworks that regulate the company’s most important assets – the people – with corporate goals.

  • HR Policy Development or Rework
  • HR Manual Development or Rework
  • Organizational Structuring and Workflow Design
  • Job and Role Description or Rework
  • Re-orientation and Value Enculturation.

Capacity Assessment – Distilling performance gaps and driving Corporate Competitiveness

Corporations may be underperforming as compared with their peers or as measured against expected outputs and results. This may be because of many factors, including competency gaps or staff-role misfits within the human capital structure.

Performance cannot outpace capacity. Therefore, performance gaps can be a direct result of capacity gaps.

To deliver on this, we go through a 4-stage intervention process.

  • Skills Audit – comprehensive audit of existing skills per functional role within the organization.
  • Benchmarking – Articulate the level and depth of skills required to optimally function in each of the job roles within the organization. This is done within the scope of the client’s mandate. We then benchmark expected skills to existing skills
  • Gap Analysis – We then conduct a gap analysis to distill clearly where the skills gap exists for each role within the mandate of the engagement.
  • Recommendations – The final output of the exercise is a comprehensive report that culminates in clear recommendations on what needs to be done to close the skills gaps. Recommendations may range from reshuffling staff (ensuring round pegs are in round holes) to learning interventions needed to shore up internal capacity.

Performance Management

We have a radical approach to performance management, especially our recommended approach to the appraisal process – not just to ensure objectivity but also to adopt an agile process that ensures that failure is short – circuited and performance spikes are well captured.

  • KPI Development – Articulation of clear and measurable performance indicators.
  • Performance Management Design or Rework
  • Career Path Development and Re-Design
  • Reward Framework Development

Corporate Trainings

We design and deliver tailored training programs that drive change in mindset, behaviour and improve the ability to influence and impact business performance.
Our capacity development programs combine theory, practical case studies and hands-on application, all targeted towards your unique capacity building requirements.

For companies looking to maximize impact, we design and deliver tailored business partnering development programs in close collaboration with our clients and “best-of-breed” partners.

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Hi! Thank you for sharing the entrepreneurs bookkeeping guide with me during our coaching program. I have implemented it in my business and so far, it has been amazing! It helped me know where to start and what to do every month to get my books in order. Once I implemented these steps, I was able to identify over $500 worth of monthly expenses that I realized I no longer needed. This guide played such a key part in making managing my books a little more bearable. Thank you!

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Lagos, Nigeria

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