Surviving The Crisis Book

About the Book

A crisis is a turning point.
It threatens to take something vital from us, whether it’s our loved ones, job, home, business, health, peace of mind, etc.

We understand that our lives will never be the same, and this is an admittedly frightening thought.

But a crisis also opens the door to necessary change and new beginnings.

Regardless of what’s at stake, we must remember this: suffering is temporary, endurance is permanent. Even the sun seems to shine brighter after a storm.

Quitting is easy.

“Bearing our burdens” is challenging but most rewarding.

In tough times, we fluctuate between hanging in there and wanting to give up. We know that better things await, but how do we draw enough strength to weather the storm?

Surviving the crisis book is dedicated to business owners whether small or large scale, who are running their businesses to create value by providing solutions to problems and striving to thrive in these difficult times to remain afloat and build sustainable legacies.

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About the Author

Abiola Adediran is one of Nigeria’s finest corporate finance and business strategy experts with over 15-years work experience across multiple industries.

She is a keynote speaker, author, trainer and mentor, whose work and impact over the years have been instrumental in driving key transformation across different sectors in Nigeria.

She sits on the board of growing startups and serves as a mentor to various leading entrepreneurship organisations in Nigeria like the FATE Foundation, Women in Management and Business (WIMBIZ), amongst others.

She has been featured on various popular media platforms like South Africa’s StartupAfrica Magazine, She Leads Africa (SLA) platform, and other local newspapers in Nigeria.