Company overview

Midridge International is a financial advisory and strategy consulting firm established to cater to the unique needs of African businesses, taking them from lifetime to legacy through our integrated services that focus on both the  enterprise and the next generation.

We intimately understand the needs of our clients and the importance of building institutions that last and strategic wealth planning. Our strong principles and values as an independent consulting firm ensures that we provide clients with a seamless service, in alignment with their financial and business interests.

Our strong principles and values as an independent consulting firm ensures that we provide clients with a seamless service, in alignment with their financial and business interests.

Our vision

To be the leader in transforming businesses and equipping business founders in creating sustainable value to take the enterprise from lifetime to legacy.

Our mission

To help businesses in building solid structures and support their key functions as strategic business partners to maximize their economic potentials and create long-term value.

How can we help you?

Contact us at Midridge International via phone, email, socials, or submit a business enquiry online.

Hi! Thank you for sharing the entrepreneurs bookkeeping guide with me during our coaching program. I have implemented it in my business and so far, it has been amazing! It helped me know where to start and what to do every month to get my books in order. Once I implemented these steps, I was able to identify over $500 worth of monthly expenses that I realized I no longer needed. This guide played such a key part in making managing my books a little more bearable. Thank you!

Yetunde Martins
Lagos, Nigeria

Core values


Our strategy-led transformation agenda focuses on helping you to ignite long-lasting change, and fuel growth and innovation.

Passion For Excellence

Our passion for excellence is reinforced by adherence to the highest professional standards


Fair business practices implicitly place an onus on us as a professional firm to be responsible to the society in which we operate

Forward Thinking

Our brand promise is to help our clients get to the future first, enabling them to craft strategies and business models in an ongoing manner


We are committed to maintaining integrity and quality in sustaining public trust and client confidence.

Why choose us


You can be assured that your business transformation and restructuring is being handled by dedicated professionals that hold your business goals to heart.

Business Insight

When working in a business, it can be easy to lose focus or become distracted. We are completely unbiased, and use our years of expertise to evaluate, strategize and guide your business towards success.


With access to diversified experience, our team has a combined over 30 years of experience in finance, business and wealth management and know how to help your company reach its goals and preserve your wealth.


Once we have all the facts about your business, we advise you on how to improve it. We work out which areas are profitable, and which are not, developing individual strategies for each critical part of your business.


By giving you complete visibility over your business finances and investments, you have the power to make educated decisions about your company’s future. With us, you can have all the benefits of an experienced team.

Midridge is resourced with a network of experienced advisors who have a deep knowledge of global best practices and also possess the requisite local experience to provide practical solutions tailored to the African environment. We also leverage on strategic partnerships that ensure that our clients get the best advice and support from us.

Our customized and hands-on approach ensures that our clients not only get good value for their money but that they are also equipped to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and build better structures that will enable them to become long-term institutions.

Our clients

We understand the demands of running a business on a day-to-day basis, which leaves little time for the high-value strategic planning that is needed to take the business forward.

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